Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Run Ever!

Saturday's long run was 12 miles starting at Grassland Park.  The roads are a bit uneven and there are hills, but it's all worth it because it's a beautiful run!  We previously did 7 miles there, but the further we went the prettier it was. Yesterday's run was my best run ever.

I usually struggle to find a rhythm the first couple miles, but the first 6 miles were smooth and easy, yes I did just say easy!  Even after turning around at mile 6, it didn't get harder for me until about mile 10.  I think I have a mental block at 10.  I will work more on overcoming that next week when we do 10 - 12 miles on the race course.

So what was different about yesterday's run?  I actually changed a few things.  First, I started taking a sports multivitamin this week.  I'm sure that helped some, but more importantly I changed what I did during the run.  I've been just drinking at the waterstops, but this week I filled my new waterbottle with Gatorade and drank during the run; it was nearly empty at the halfway point, where I refilled it and continued to drink.  I also started eating sports beans after about 40 minutes and continued eating them or Luna Moon chews until nearly the end of the run.

Mentally, I didn't look at the mileage on my watch and I tried not to think about how many miles we had run or how much we had to go.  I focused on enjoying and embracing the run.  I think it made a big difference in my attitude.  I've always struggled with tight calf muscles. Chyrstyna let me borrow her foam roller and calf stretcher...I could tell a huge difference in my calf muscles.  Both items are now on my list of items I need from Fleet Feet.  

My goal is to continue with this magic formula of my best run and repeat it frequently!  I know all runs aren't easy and great.  But I hope the changes I'm making help me become a better runner.     

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