Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top 4 Signs You've Trained with Fleet Feet Nashville

I've trained with Fleet Feet (FF) since I started running last summer.  Even now that the official training has ended, I'm still running with friends who've trained with me in FF groups.  What I'm just now realizing is there are certain things you take for granted after training with FF.

Last Saturday and this Saturday our group is meeting at River Park off of Concord Road.  We were discussing it on Facebook, and we invited someone who asked "Where is River Park?"  An audible gasp escaped my mouth when I read his comment.  How do you not know River Park???  Then I realized maybe he just hasn't yet been bitten by the FF bug.

It made me think about what other ways I could identify FF runners.  Here's my unofficial Top 4 Signs You've trained with Fleet Feet:

4.  Chocolate milk is not just a recovery recommendation - it's the ONLY recovery drink.

3.  You consider a run at River Park "home field advantage."

2.  When you see a police officer during a run, you immediately look around to make sure everyone is obeying traffic laws to keep Tammy out of trouble. 

1.  You feel naked during your run if at least one item you're wearing doesn't have a FF logo on it.

Housekeeping notes - sorry to pick on you Joey if you read this.  And I will post a CMM blog - soon.