Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pre Mardi Gras Half

I Ran Bourbon Street Sweaty Band

I love, love, love New Orleans.  I've loved it since my first visit here in 2000.  It's so rich in history and beautiful.  Today we took a walking tour (not exactly sure that was my best idea ever) in the garden district.  Everything was so gorgeous and we learned so much.

We've been here since Thursday.  We went out Thursday night and stayed out very late...and had a fabulous time!  Going to bed early tonight since the race starts at 7 am. 

race number and shirt

Participating in the race are me, Mark, Gail, Chrystyna, Erin, Nicole, and Karen.  Joe we thought was just going to be cheering us on, but our friends Lou and Byron surprised us all and came down tonight.  Lou and Joe are going to run the half relay together.

The course is flat.  And unlike some "flat" courses I've done before, everyone says this one really is flat...well there's one hill.  Elevation of that hill is 35 feet.  Sweet!  I'm not even sure we'd call that a hill if it was in Nashville.

cute little tattoo sticker for the race

Originally, I was hoping to break 2:30 in this race.  But during December, I didn't train like I should have, so I'm not exactly where I hoped to be.  My current PR is 2:38.  I really want to beat that tomorrow...but I also really want to enjoy the race and take in the sights.  I guess we'll see how I'm feeling in the morning. 

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