Saturday, February 6, 2010

Notes from Today's Run

Last week's run was cancelled because of the snow.  Just wanted to clear that up in case someone thought I skipped out on it.  

Today's run was 7 miles.  Tammy billed today's run as the most scenic.  It was beautiful...especially if you don't count the hills.  And we passed by Alan Jackson's house (see pics at the bottom).  It was the longest run I've completed since I started running!  We were only scheduled to go 6.5 miles...but we decided to be overachievers and go for a full 7 miles.  

Here are a couple notes from today's run I thought I would share:

- If you are going to a new place for a run, don't trust your GPS to get you there on time.  Sometimes it takes you the "shortest" way...which is not exactly the same as fastest.  One really scary road later, I made it just as my group was headed out.

- Ladies, if you haven't already, please go to Fleet Feet and be fitted for a sports bra.  I promise it's not nearly as bad as you think it will be and you will be doing yourself a big favor! I rank bra shopping with bathing suit and cocktail dress shopping as some of my least favorite things to do.  However, Christi Beth and the other ladies at Fleet Feet make it much less of a chore.  I promise you'll be glad you did.

- Courtesy of my dear friend Nicole, even when your in a hurry it's probably not a good idea to park on soggy ground (love you, Nicole).

Thanks so much to Joe, our chipper leader, Delana and Gail for a great run!  Welcome Angela & Jack to our fun little group.  Chrystyna & Carol, missed you guys!

pretty isn't it?

Alan Jackson's house

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