Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2 months, 61 days or 1464 hours

Two months, 61 days or 1464 hours from now Mark and I will be running in our first full marathon. I'm not sure if I should jump up and down because I'm excited or throw up because I'm so nervous. We've run as far as 16 miles already. I'm sure I could go a little more, but I'm not sure I could go 10 least not yet. I know that's the point of training.  But it's still so hard to believe we'll be running 26.2 continuous miles that soon. 

We must raise a total of $10,000 in order to go to Dublin for the race. So far we've raised $3,226. What I'm learning is that fundraising a large sum of money is also a marathon. It has all the same highs and lows. A lot of people have asked how much of the money we raise goes to costs associated with the race. The answer is less than 25%. So more than 75% of your donation goes directly to fund blood cancer research. 

Please help us reach our goal and participate in the race, but more importanly help us find a cure for blood cancer.  I'm sure if you don't have to think long to start making a list of all the people you know whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer.  Choose to make a difference and fund cancer research.

If you've already donated - thank you so much! If you haven't donated yet, here's your chance! I know 2 months is far away...but the more we raise now the fewer gray hairs I have on race day!

Please click here to help us. 

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