Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spring Training - Day 1

I love new beginnings! The start of a new spring training program is like Christmas for me. Everyone is so excited and ready to get started. Lots of people were starting their very first training program for their first half marathon! I can remember exactly how I felt on the first day of training last year - terrified!

Our running group from last year’s training has divided up, and this year we are all pacing interval runners. While I’m a little sad not to be running with my peeps, I’m very excited to be running with new people, a lot of them training for their first half. I’ve learned so much in the last year, and I’m excited to share it with my group. Mark, Erin and I are pacing the 3/1 group.

Pacers for 3/1 Erin, Mark and me

Much like last year, our first run this year included snow! Not a lot of it stuck, but the wind was fierce. Personally, I think a snowy run is the perfect way to start training. Once you’ve run in the frigid weather with snow blowing around you, you have little excuse to skip a run.

Tosha, Katy, Kim P., Taylor & Jack
before we started the run

Our group started small today. Kim P., Kim, Taylor, Tosha, Jack, Alissa and Katy were the first runners to start with us. We quickly started picking up runners from the 4/1 group. By the end of the run we were more than 20 strong. We had a fabulous 4 mile run! Everyone should feel really good about their run today - we rocked it! Even though it’s the shortest, the first one is often the hardest.

Because several of us are running the Rock n Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon on February 13, Gail, Erin, Delaina, Mark and I met at 5:30 (yep it was really freaking early) to run 4 miles before our group run. We had a great run. After 8 miles today, I feel closer to being ready for the half in 5 weeks!

Hopefully, it won’t snow too much and we’ll be able to run at Tin Roof 2 on Monday night. My goal is to run a couple more times this week. I’m already looking forward to our group run next week - minus the strong, chilling wind.

Here's our group at the water stop after 2 miles

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