Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second Run

What a difference a week makes.  The weather today was awesome!  I'd prefer it a little warmer...i like the shorts and tank top weather, but today was much better than 14 degrees and snow from last week.

Today's run was five miles, ok so it was just a touch shorter, but i see no reason not to say 5 miles.  After all, I did have to walk to and from my car.  

After running with the 4/1's last week, they were a little fast for me.  Luckily when I got there this morning, a group from my No Boundaries group was there and had decided to run 4/1 but at a slower pace.  I was more than happy to join them!  We had an awesome run!  

Thanks Joe, Gail, Carol, Christina and Corey for a great run today.  Joe lead the way and did a great job.  A positive attitude makes all the difference!  

For anyone who has not been to Ravenwood High School, beware of the speed bumps (actually they are more like mini mountains, at least they are when you don't see them coming and hit them at 40 miles an hour...YIKES)!

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